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Dachsie Relinquishment

If you have a situation that requires help finding a home for your Dachsie while still in your care, or find it necessary to surrender your dog, please review please review the following information and complete the form at the bottom of this page.


no to craigs listAvoid listing your dog on internet sites, such as Craig’s List and Free Cycle.  These are great places to exchange things, but your dog is a living, breathing being and should be treated as such.  And because of their poor reaction when placed in shelters, dogs may exhibit behavior that excludes them from adoption and puts them at risk of euthanasia.   A rescue organization gives your pet a better chance at finding a new home.


If you want to keep your Dachsie with you until you can find a new forever home, we are happy to post your dog’s picture and information about your dog on our website to help facilitate the process.  We will put you in contact with interested parties, while your dog remains with you.


If you find it necessary to relinquish ownership of your dog, we require preliminary information from you as part of the surrender process.  Please be honest with us.  The information you provide will help us better understand your dog’s personality and any behavioral issues.  Information about the dog’s medical history and/or health issues will help us determine what veterinary care is needed, and we don’t want to do more than needed or incur unnecessary costs.


Whether or not the dog is up-to-date on medical care and vaccinations, we still need any medical records. Your veterinarian can provide you with a record if you do not have one readily available.  Medical information will be released to adopters, but information about the owner’s identity and veterinary office remains confidential.   Likewise, we will not release an adopter’s information to you.


If you wish to contact us about a relinquishment, please complete the confidential Owner Relinquish Application (below), and be sure to provide accurate contact information so we can easily reach you to discuss your situation.  Since we depend on fosters and have space restrictions, we cannot guarantee acceptance of all requests, but will do our best to help.


If we are able to accept your dog, please be aware that our rescue does not have a secret source of funding for the costs associated with the care and feeding of your Dachsie while in our care.  So please think about making a gift for the group that is willing to help.  We are a 501(c)(3) organization and your donation is tax deductible.  While not required, your gift is sincerely appreciated.





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