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Happy Tails of Rescues - Success Story Form

Please tell us about your Dachshund rescue dog.  We will share your story on our website along with any pictures that you include.  Only your first name(s), dog's name, and city/state will be included in the header of your story.  


Not sure where to start or what to share?  Here are a few things that people like to know:

- How did your dog end up with our rescue?  What was his/her previous life like?

- What made you decide to adopt your Dachshund rescue?

- What made you choose a Dachschund?  What makes this breed special?

- How did your dog adjust to life with your family?

- How has he/she impacted or changed your life?

- Does your dog have a favorite activity? What type of things do you and your Dachschund do together?



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