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Adoption Name: Gabe

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dachshund for adoption
dachshund for adoption


Description and Additional Information:

Gabe is a beautiful 3 year old, 14 pound mahogany colored little guy. He gets along with other dogs, cats, and even a mini pig! He's a gentle soul, kind, and has a calmness about him. He's polite, but slightly unsure of himself in new situations, so he needs an experienced dachshund owner to give him the confidence he needs. He gets a little nervous in new surroundings, but warms up quickly. He and Barney were found together and came to the rescue together, so if you would like to adopt a pair, these two would be ideal. If not, he would need a young, small companion dog as a playmate. We think Gabe might be Barney's father. He's very gentle when playing with other dogs. Children over the age of 10 would be okay with Gabe. A fenced-in yard is required. Please go to our website at Dachshund Rescue of Ohio to complete an application that will be automatically emailed to us. www.dachshundrescueofohio.org Thank you.

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