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Adoption Name: Woolfie

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dachshund for adoption
dachshund for adoption
dachshund for adoption


Description and Additional Information:

Woolfie is a special needs dog: He has a severe liver shunt, and eats a vegetarian dog food, along with being medicated twice a day. We have not been able to neuter him, because the anesthesia would have killed him. He has a collection of belly bands, which he wears inside. We hope at some point, he can be neutered. He can be a little devil at times, because of his liver shunt, and is prone to peculiar behaviors: snapping, biting, growling, and walking around in continuous circles. He has to have a very patient, experienced owner,who understands his personality. This 3.9 Lb. two-year-old Yorkie mix is really very sweet, and just wants a human all of his own. Woolfie can’t be placed with anyone with children, and he would be best with a middle aged person, who worked from home, or could take him to work with them. Woolfie also requires another young, small dog companion—10 Lbs. or less. A fenced-in yard is required to adopt. We only adopt in Ohio. You can go to our website at www.dachshundrescueofohio.org to fill out an application. The application can be completed online through the site and is automatically emailed to us.

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